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4th Grade Mrs. Walsh’s Page

Congratulations to 4th Grade student, Mason Dick, for coming in 2nd place in the Pittsburgh Pirates Charities Action Math Baseball Virtual Tournament held at the end of May! Our 4th Grade classroom had 3 students place in the top 10!
Since the tournament could not be held in person this year at PNC Park, the students were able to participate and compete against other students in the Pittsburgh/WV area through this online platform. We are so proud of all of the hard work and dedication of our 4th Grade students! Way to go!

After learning about the skeletal system, fourth grade work together on a skeleton puzzle.

Dog Man at Book Fair.

Social studies MidWest state stamp research project.

Layers of the Earth Investigation using an apple as a model.

Long division activity.

Happy Valentine’s Day from 4th Grade.

Cupid’s arrow STREAM challenge.

Spelling Contraction “Surgery” – the kids even had to complete a “Surgery Medical Report” following surgery to describe which two words made up each spelling contraction.

100th Day Estimation NERDS Candy Math

100th Day Multiplication

What 4th graders might look like when they turn 100!


We have begun our season for “action math baseball”! Thank you to Pittsburgh Pirates Charities for sponsoring!

4th Graders are trapped in snow globes!

Multiplication/division related facts review

Multiplication practice using dominos.

Before recycling our papers… We had a paper “snowball” fight for 1 minute! It was SNOW much fun!

Rudolph Posters

4th & 1st grade buddies worked together to make Christmas bells. We had fun wearing our pajamas to school.

4th & 1st Grades worked together on a STREAM Challenge. They had to create an iceberg and a boat using materials given. Students had to see how many “polar bears” each of their creations could hold before sinking

Thanksgiving turkeys

5 minute free choice after Math lesson today for practicing multiplication facts—flash cards or online practice using the Chrome books!

We made a Veteran’s Day Poster

Fun Friday Math – interactive notebooks

Students enjoyed a Halloween STREAM Challenge! Students started by estimating the height, weight, circumference, and how many seeds were in their pumpkin before finding the actual results. All of our pumpkins contained hundreds of seeds, with the highest in the 600s!

Students learned more in depth about the “Mysteries of the Rosary” and were given the task of sorting the 5 sets under each Mystery.

Health—Students learned why foods have nutrition labels and how to read them. Students were very shocked on serving sizes!

Parts of a plant-4th graders had to not only name the part of the plant, but also describe what function each plant part performs. 

Science investigation: Which “bird beak” works best for picking up/crushing food— A spoon, clothes pin, or “chop stick” pencils? 

GoNoodle movement break during IOWA testing & we celebrated with a dance party once all testing was completed!

Fourth grade just completed their religion chapter on how Jesus’ disciples shared his mission. Today, fourth grade students signed “A Disciple’s Promise” that they will try their best to continue Jesus‘ work.

Red solo cup stack challenge in the STREAM Lab
Students could not touch the cups with any body part and could only use supplies provided.

Pete The Cat

Students created a single cell model from Jell-O and candy. The best part = eating it after recording observations!

STREAM experiment — which shape can hold more weight?

STREAM experiment — How long of a chain can you  make from one piece of paper?