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Miss Gerrity’s Page

2nd Grade spending time in the STREAM Lab using the Scientific Method to conduct The Great Cookie Dunk experiment.

2nd Grade enjoying time in the STREAM Lab creating Solar System Models with clay

Messy papier-mache turned into beautiful lighthouses. 

2nd Grade window painting with 8th Grade buddies.

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day in 2nd Grade!

Having fun baking apple turnovers!

We are enjoying our turnovers hot from the oven.


Here we are with our Johnny Appleseed portraits.


Second Grade spun the LEGO wheel & then tried to create their challenge.

Zoey built her name!

Isla built her name

Justin built a plane!


Reagan & Betsy built a house!

Collaborative rainbow painting – Be the Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud

Oreo Challenge – Build the tallest tower using only Oreo cookies