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Fundraising and parent involvement is a huge part of the SMOS experience.

Because tuition pays for only a percentage of the actual cost to educate a student, successful fundraising is very important at St. Margaret of Scotland School. Mandatory major fundraising activities, such as selling Lottery Calendars and purchasing Gift Cards supply essential income to the general operating budget.  In addition, the PTG conducts yearly fundraisers to provide special income for student programs, but these fundraisers are not mandatory.

There are several options available to fulfill fundraising obligations.  Some of these include:

  • Purchase or sell Lottery Calendars
  • Participate in Gift Card Sales/Reconciling during weekend Masses or on Wednesday mornings during the school year
  • Volunteer to help with the December Craft Show, Lenten Fish Fry, or Annual Parish Festival


A family may combine work and/or monetary donations, as long as the value totals the minimum fundraising dollar amount specified for the school year.

  • giftcards The Gift Card Program is a major fundraiser for SMOS. By purchasing Gift Cards to major retailers on a regular basis, you can earn money for the school and reduce your tuition. Read more...
  • Each fall, lottery calendars are distributed to all school families. As this is the schools biggest fundraiser, it is important to have as much participation as possible. Families who opt not to participate in this fundraiser are encouraged to purchase one or two calendars. The calendar is based on the evening three-digit Pennsylvania lottery number. There is a winner every night for the entire year. The purchase price for the calendar is $25. That's less than ten cents a day. You can contact Stacey Ziegler for more information: 412-418-3751 shelbyz2005@yahoo.com
  • scholastic_bookfair

    Book fairs are held in the Cafeteria in the Fall and the Spring. Click the image for more info.